Eye lash extension after Care Tips

  • Wash your lashes Daily!  Many people think that if they don't wash there lashes they will last longer but that is not the case they will actually last you a lot longer if you wash them every day with a lash shampoo.  (NOT WITH YOUR FACE WASH)
  • Avoid using oil based products around your eyes that means no lotions or moisturizers
  • Use water based makeup remover 
  • Wait 24 hours before you get them wet after application 
  • Wait for lashes to dry before brushing them 
  • Do Not Pull or pick at your lashes 
  • Sleep on your back or on your side NOT on your stomach

                      After care Fac​ial                                                                                 After care Mircrodermabrasion 

  • Don't pick at your skin
  • No heavy makeup 
  •  Wait at least 6 hours before going to the gym 
  • Wait at least 6 hours before sun bathing 
  • Avoid direct sun exposure 
  • All tanning beds must avoided 
  • Must wear a broad spectrum sunscreen 
  • for the first 24-48 hours use a mild cleanser and a hydrating moisturizer 
  • Do not use a glycolic, alpha-hydroxy, beta-hydroxy, retinol, benzoyl peroxide or topical acne medications for 24-48 hour following treatment 
  • Drink lots of water! For hydrated skin!