Lashes and Skin care

   Eyelash Extensions are a fantastic way to look ready any time of the day! Not to mention that great confidence you will wear everywhere you go! Eyelash extensions accentuate you eyes they bring out your eye color and eye shape.

Getting regular facials increase cell turnover rate and detoxifies the skin. Increased cell turnover helps produce collagen keeping the skin firm and elastic. When the skin is not detoxified it leads to clogged pores, breakouts and premature aging,  And hate to tell you this but, pores get larger as we age if you are not getting regular facials!  


What customers are saying

The Service and care given is second to none.  Lovely Lashes is very warm and welcoming.  Located in downtown Whitewater close to shopping and restaurants.  I recommend this relaxing salon to anyone wishing to pamper themselves and indulge in some luxury treatments.  Treat yourself you deserve it!